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Grades Teacher

Spirit of the Lake Community School

Duluth, MN, USA

Full time



Jan 19

Spirit of the Lake Community School is excited to announce an open position for a Grades Lead Teacher for the school year starting in September of 2023. Our mission at Spirit of the Lake Community School (SLCS) is to honor and educate the whole child by equally engaging body, mind, emotion, and spirit. SLCS is an independent, community-based school and a non profit organization. Our school is located near a natural area of  woods and our day includes outdoor play and exploration along with teachings developed from the Waldorf curriculum. Our Grades program has always had small class sizes.


  • Create a safe and enriching atmosphere based on the Waldorf child development model
  • Work collaboratively with other camp instructors 
  • Help maintain general order, cleanliness, and aesthetics in the environment
  • Create a harmonious and nurturing atmosphere
  • Maintain a high-quality, well-structured experience for the children 
  • Ensure high standard of ethics by providing for child and family confidentiality 
  • Contribute to the ongoing success and sustainability of SLCS 
  • Contribute to weekly faculty meetings and seasonal parent meetings  
  • Conduct in-home visits to welcome and orient new families  
  • Foster a fair and caring environment for the children, focusing on developmental needs
  • Be responsible for continuing education required for child care licensing  
  • Prepare classroom for new school year as well as prepare and submit a syllabus and block rotation schedule for the school year in advance of the first parent evening
  • Prepare & present a well planned main lesson each day that meets the school’s Waldorf curriculum guidelines
  • Prepare class to participate in seasonal festivals
  • Maintain classroom in a clean and orderly manner
  • Organize & conduct assemblies and/or festivals each year as assigned
  • Present a minimum of three parent evenings per year
  • Conduct at least two parent conferences with all parents each year and hold additional conferences with parents as requested/necessary
  • Maintain written records of student’s attendance & progress, and of parent conferences
  • Carry out administrative assignments as assigned by Faculty 
  • Attend other school events as agreed upon by Faculty, e.g., school festivals, Open House, fundraising & outreach events, Board/Faculty retreats, Annual Corporate Meeting, etc.
  • Ensure classroom is clean and ready for use for the next year before June 30
  • Maintain professional conduct and appearance
  • Fulfill any other requirements as agreed upon and outlined in the Employment Contract 


  • A Bachelor’s Degree 
  • Waldorf teacher training, or an interest and devotion to Waldorf pedagogy. 
  • Prior teaching experience
  • A commitment to Anthroposophy, Waldorf pedagogy and the ideals that live behind the Waldorf education movement
  • Strong communication skills that can be effective in working with students & adults
  • Flexibility, sense of humor, warmth of soul & spirit
  • Physical & emotional stamina


  • Positive and proactive communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to interact in a supportive manner with each child’s unique character and abilities
  • Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of the children in our care
  • Acceptance of cultural, racial, religious, affectional preference, and economic differences

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Spirit of the Lake Community School

Educating the whole child—in mind, body and spirit, for a life of continuous learning and meaningful engagement with the world.