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Jan 21

The Sandpoint Waldorf School, in beautiful North Idaho, seeks experienced, motivated, and enthusiastic class teachers. Our ideal candidates are trained in Waldorf education and have experience teaching. They should be committed to collegial work, self-development, and excellence in teaching.

The Sandpoint Waldorf School is a school of 190 children, pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. We are in our 30th year and have been experiencing healthy enrollment, ongoing growth, and strong support from our community. We have a strong, trained and experienced faculty and a supportive parent body. We have a full specialty program that includes Spanish, Japanese, Handwork, Movement, Strings Ensemble, Woodworking, Music, Education Support and Eurythmy when possible (the latter only in a ten-week block). Our staff is full of creativity, experience and commitment, and we look forward to welcoming new teachers into our warm and caring community!

Sandpoint, Idaho is a town of about 9,000, nestled on the shores of the enchanting Lake Pend Oreille and surrounded by breathtaking mountains. The school is located in town, so many teachers and students are able to bike or walk to school. We have many fine restaurants and shops and an impressive local art and music scene. Given the natural splendor, there is ample opportunity for summer boating and swimming at the lake or hiking the hundreds of miles of mountain trails and winter fun in the back country or at our world-class ski resort, Schweitzer Mountain Resort, just 20 minutes from town. To learn more about Sandpoint, visit http://www.Sandpointonline.com/.

Full-time teachers receive full tuition remission, a health care stipend, and the opportunity to enroll in our IRA program (with a 3% employer match). Please submit your letter of interest, resume, and brief biography to admin@sandpointwaldorf.org.

Job Description

Teaching responsibilities:

  • School day is from 8:10 to 3:00
  • Teach the main lesson as well as language arts, math, and artistic activities outside the main lesson and create and maintain the form for the class
  • Recess duty, timing to be determined with other grades teachers
  • Morning drop off duty once a week
  • Transition to Specialty Teachers
  • Participate in the school festivals
  • Be responsible for setting up and arranging the cleaning of the classroom
  • Creating and implement lesson plans and block rotations using the SWS Curriculum as a guide

Parent work

  • Maintain regular communication with parents about necessary school and class-related messages through phone calls and e-mails
  • Communicate your availability for individual conversation with parents
  • Conduct 4 parent meetings each school year
  • Hold 2 parent/teacher conferences
  • Be an active participant with admissions by interviewing new families and providing a prospective student the opportunity to visit the classroom for three days.
  • Conduct home visits with new families
  • Write the end-of-the-year reports to be placed in student files and sent to parents 
  • Establish parent representatives for Parent Circle, Christmas Faire, Auction, May Faire

   Faculty Responsibilities

  • Participate in peer mentoring, including classroom visits and meetings
  • Participate in committee work
  • Maintain regular communication with Faculty and Administration
  • Attend  meetings:
  • The weekly grades sectional
  • The weekly faculty meeting
  • The end of school and before school summer meetings (3 days each)
  • The annual Board/Faculty Retreat
  • Attend Faculty morning circle prior to the start of the school day
  • Interface with Care Group as needed
  • Fulfill your site responsibility (determined in August faculty meetings)
  • Follow the procedures set forth in the Employee Handbook

 Summer Responsibilities

  • Check school emails for updates, hiring input, and prospective students
  • As needed participate in the admissions process of new students for your class
  • Attend a summer renewal course or the equivalent (with the Pedagogical Committee’s approval)
  • Conduct prospective student interviews
  • Set up your classroom so that it is presentable for tours throughout the summer
  • Continue with committee work as needed
  • Purchase the supplies that you will need for the school year, within the budget guidelines determined at the June faculty meetings
  • Prepare your block rotation and lesson plans. These need to be made available to the office, specialty teachers, and parents prior to the beginning of the school year. If you are deviating from the SWS Curriculum guidelines, communicate your changes and reasons for them to the Pedagogical Committee








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