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Qigu Nature School


Part time



Mar 29

The ideal candidate should like nature, wild and hiking,and be good at sport game/drama//eurythmy/painting /music(singing) .

You can work with us in our camp in Guangzhou, China, the biggest city in south China and close to Hongkong if you are good at drama//painting /music/eurythmy/sport game/woodwork/nature building/gardening/farming , or

You can work with us in hiking camp in Inner Mongolia or Silk Road in China in this July and August.

The preliminary arrangement is as follows:

The inner Mongolia camp, From July 8th to 16th, I, hiking Hulunbuir Grassland and Aershan.

The Silk Road camp will be from July 13th to 21st,including horseback riding at the Shandan Army Horse Farm, hiking in Badain Jaran Desert, Colorful Danxia, Mule City, Zhangye Ancient City, Dunhuang Ancient City, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Duobagou, and the Great Wall of Han. We will experience the richest geography, history and culture in China.

We do not take the usual path, it may be a bit challenging. But our students are used to and like this way of exploring.

On our previous Silk Road trips, we once camped on the Gobi Desert in Erboliang, Cold lake, Qinghai province that resembles the landform of Mars, but due to the long distance, we may not be able to make the trip this time.

We plan to go cycling in Europe in August. In 2018, We set off from Blois and cycled along the Loire Valley to Paris, and hiked along along the Danube and the Alps.This experience was particularly beautiful, and children and parents who participated have deep memories. The Europe plan will come out soon.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume and biography to us via email: qigunatureschool@163.com.

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