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Teaching Assistant

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Part time

Kindergarten and Early Childhood


May 26

The Teaching Assistant is responsible for supporting the work of the Class Teacher in forming the group of children as they transition into first grade. With guidance and direction provided by the Class Teacher, the assistant supports the children as they acquire classroom routines, during transitions between activities and during recess, lunch and play periods. From time to time, the Teaching Assistant will also be asked to assist in other Grade School classrooms

The position of Teaching Assistant is an hourly paid position for the academic year that begins with a full-day schedule (8:00 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.) and has the potential to decrease in hours as the year progresses and as the class settles in. The assistant will be advised of when an appropriate transition is being considered by the first grade teacher and a senior faculty mentor. The Class Teacher, assistant, and faculty mentor will meet monthly to discuss the ongoing development of the class and what is required of the assistant. The assistant will be advised in advance when an appropriate transition in work hours is being considered.

Essential Job Functions

  • Help welcome students each morning and assist in morning transition
  • Maintain a calm mood in the classroom throughout the day
  • Help to guide students to stay focused on the task at hand
  • Learn the words and participate in movements during circle time
  • Provide redirection for students under the supervision of the Class Teacher
  • Assist the Special Subject Teachers with the students if requested
  • Hold the class while the lead teacher is out of the classroom
  • Help and support in times of transition
  • Supervise students outside in all types of weather

Job Qualifications

A qualified candidate for this position should:

  • Have a strong understanding and enthusiastic commitment to Waldorf Education and a willingness and openness to Anthroposophy.
  • Be familiar with all elements of classroom routines and be ready to anticipate transitions and remain one step ahead of the students.
  • Hold information about students and families in confidence.
  • Be flexible about changing responsibilities in accordance with what the first grade teacher needs and what is best for the students.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Desirable Personal Qualities

The Teaching Assistant should be prepared to stand truly before the students without letting their personality dominate or interfere with the classroom atmosphere. The Teaching Assistant should be friendly, flexible, loving and possess a positive peaceful presence. The Teaching First Grade Assistant should follow the lead teacher and be prepared to hold the class on their own when required.

To submit an application for this position, please send a cover letter, your resume, and three references to Dr. Becca Torregrossa, Faculty Administrator at torregrossab@phillywaldorf.com

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