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Educational Support - Structured Literacy Practitioner

Housatonic Valley Waldorf School

Newtown, CT, USA

Part time



Apr 19

Educational Support Teacher – Structured Literacy Practitioner

The Housatonic Valley Waldorf School is seeking a P/T Educational Support - Structured Literacy Practitioner for Grades 1-8 starting in the 2023-2024 school year. This educator would work with HVWS students to help them overcome hindrances to learning stemming from physical, social, and/or emotional imbalances, and academic needs. Through child study, assessment, therapies, and discussion, the Educational Support teacher works cooperatively with teachers, parents, and other therapists in a professional relationship to support educationally challenged students, using the therapeutic educational indications of Rudolf Steiner and other complementary methods. The teacher also serves as a resource for and a link to professionals working to bring educational support to the children. 

Job Requirements:

  • At least three years of tutoring or teaching experience with K-8
  • Experience and familiarity with writing reports and service plans (IEPs)
  • Strong interpersonal skills for working with students, parents and colleagues

Preferred Candidates will have:

  • Orton-Gillingham Certification, or comparable certification appropriate to address the academic needs of those students identified in need of specialized academic instruction
  • Supplemental courses and training in Reading/Language Arts
  • Familiarity with and passion for Waldorf educational principles

General Responsibilities: Within his/her allotted time frame, the Practitioner is expected to:

  • Once a referral to the Educational Support Group (ESG) has been made due to academic concerns or request for academic support: review the student’s school and ESG files, external and internal assessments, year-end reports, progress monitoring results, and parent-teacher conference reports; arrange with the class teacher a time to observe the student in class; document his/her observations;
  • Attend a meeting with the class teacher, parent(s), and ESG Coordinator to discuss the student’s referral and if indicated, the need for referral to the public school district for psychoeducational, academic, speech and language or other assessments if indicated;
  • Before beginning tutoring sessions with the student, perform the necessary assessments to determine the student’s current level of performance and areas of concern; document the results; review the results with the class teacher, parents and ESG coordinator;
  • Participate in the development of the student’s Service Plan, including goals and objectives, classroom and in-home recommendations, accommodations, and/or modifications based on the classroom observation, assessment results and teacher and parental input;
  • Work with those students individually or in groups the agreed-upon number of times weekly, using the structured literacy approach or other appropriate complementary therapeutic approaches as indicated;
  • Document his/her observations of and recommendations for each student, the activities brought to the student, and the student’s progress;
  • Meet as needed with the students’ teachers and parents, to give observations, feedback and suggestions; document meetings;
  • Write periodic progress reports on each student, including a year-end report for those students seen for the whole year and (for 8th graders only) a mid-year report;
  • Attend weekly ESG meetings, and HVWS staff meetings if possible;
  • Participate in the ESG discussion of results, recommendations, and follow-through from the Second Grade Screening, Fifth Grade Assessment, and classroom progress monitoring results;
  • Be available to evaluate admissions applications of prospective students for whom there are indications of potential academic concerns;
  • Attend an informational meeting for parents at the beginning of the school year, to familiarize them with your work; and/or parent evenings in Grades 1-3; and/or targeted orientation meetings for new parents;
  • Attend beginning and end-of-year ESG Coordinator-led meetings with the class teacher, parents, and other specialists working with the student to discuss the student’s progress and the need to continue, discontinue or make changes in the current Service Plan, goals and objectives.

Classroom Responsibilities: All part-time teachers are responsible for the following:

  • Have a “research attitude” toward the profession, with ongoing inward striving through both formal training and personal study in order to understand more about the curriculum and child development. The aim is to develop an inner source of strength through a meditation practice as a foundation out of which the pedagogical work may be done.
  • Achieve a balance between maintaining your individual integrity and acknowledging the needs of the community.
  • Communicate with class teachers and parents when needed and appropriate.
  • Address conflicts and interpersonal problems in accordance with the HVWS Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy.
  • Keep accurate records of
  • lesson plans and outcomes.
  • children’s physical, emotional and intellectual capacities, abilities and achievements.
  • Commit time for parent-teacher conferences as needed, during regularly scheduled days in both November and March.
  • Attend parent evenings as requested by class teachers.
  • Record and submit classroom expenses, staying within the limits of the ESG budget.
  • Submit supply order for the following school year by the designated deadline.

School/ Community responsibilities: 

  • Commit to community education by attending lectures, workshops, conferences and faculty study in order to deepen your understanding of Waldorf pedagogy
  • Participate in all faculty professional development days or equivalent alternative opportunities approved by the Staff Development Committee.
  • Participate in peer review, observations, regular peer meetings and self-evaluations as outlined in Staff Development Guidelines.
  • Attend workdays before and after the student school year, as required.
  • Supervise children when they are playing outside, according to posted sign-up schedule. Find a replacement for yourself when you are unable to fulfill this duty.
  • Attend Faculty Meetings and Grade School Meetings when possible, including participation in the educational process of all students through child studies.
  • Serve on Board and Faculty committees, if possible. First-year teachers are excused from this responsibility.
  • Participate in committee work that develops and maintains policies and procedures, if possible.
  •  Participate in the greater Waldorf community, finding ways to share activities with other schools; keep up with AWSNA news.
  • Attend festivals, assemblies, fairs, other all-school events and open houses when possible.
  • Help organize and support school festivals, assemblies and outreach/enrollment efforts when possible.
  • Uphold the Long-Range Plan.

Time Involvement: 

This is a part-time position. It follows the established school calendar. The Structured Literacy Practitioner works in a dedicated room on campus for the allotted number of periods per week. For HVWS students who require additional weekly sessions, the Practitioner may use the dedicated room to conduct additional sessions which are paid privately by the students’ parents.

Hiring and Termination:

By the College of Teachers and HVWS Board of Trustees, as outlined in the Teacher Search Guidelines for hiring and the Staff Development Guidelines for termination.

Supervision and Evaluation: 

Conducted as outlined in the Staff Development Guidelines.

To Apply: 

Housatonic Valley Waldorf School is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on religion, national origin, color, race, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or physical disability in our programs and activities or in our hiring, admissions, financial aid, or scholarship practices and policies.

We offer a competitive salary, tuition remission, and additional benefits plan. Interested candidates should send their Resume, Cover Letter, and HVWS Application to teachersearch@waldorfct.org or mail to: Housatonic Valley Waldorf School 40 Dodgingtown Road Newtown, CT 06470 Attn: Teacher Search Committee 

About Housatonic Valley Waldorf School:

HVWS is a Pre-K through Eighth Grade school, with three Early Childhood classes, Parent-Child classes, and an active Summer Camp. The school has a peaceful and joyful atmosphere, with professionally Lazure-painted classrooms and spacious playgrounds. Specialty classes for First through Eighth Grades include Spanish, German, Handwork, Eurythmy, Music, Strings, Folk Dance, Spatial Dynamics, Recorder Ensemble, and Clay. Our vibrant and warm community sponsors Anthroposophical study groups, fairs, festivals, handwork groups, and parenting workshops.

HVWS was founded in 1989 and is accredited by AWSNA, NCPSA, WECAN, and CAIS. We are more than 25 years old and entering an exciting phase of our growth and development, with a collaborative faculty and a strong, supportive Board of Trustees. HVWS is part of the Newtown community in the Housatonic River Valley, which is rich in history. With some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Northeast, there are many forests, nature preserves, farms, lakes and rivers for our students to explore and enjoy. We're close to New York City and the Berkshire Mountains with their sophisticated cultural environments, as well as Anthroposophical communities in Spring Valley, NY; Harlemville, NY; and Great Barrington, MA.

You can learn more about our school at www.waldorfct.org

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