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[Priority Listing] Kindergarten Teacher for 23-24 School Year

Heartwood Charter

Fairfax, CA, USA

Full time

Kindergarten and Early Childhood


May 4

Kindergarten Teacher


Heartwood Charter is a growing independent study program serving students in Sonoma and Marin Counties. Our Bothin Waldorf Program is an in-person learning environment located at our serene campus in Fairfax, California. The Kindergarten Teacher guides students in early childhood to excellent academic achievement.

Our initiative is sustained by innovative pioneers and warm-hearted, dedicated parents and teachers. We, the members of this educational community, are courageous, enthusiastic, bold, kind and a bit wild at heart. We believe there should be no limits on access to education. Education should be based in holistic child development and involve a living connection with both the arts and the natural world.


Early Childhood teachers and assistants at Heartwood Charter School work on behalf of the entire school as they often establish the initial relationship a family has with the school. Heartwood teachers are expected to create and maintain a professional program true to the ideals of Waldorf pedagogy. 

We are seeking candidates who are innovative, creative and flexible and ready to join us wholeheartedly in continuing to develop a unique Waldorf-based educational environment. Our ideal candidate will strive for excellence in teaching and committed to dialogue with parents and colleagues. 

Salary and Benefits

Starting salary $61,210 with supplements based on teaching experience, credentialing and Waldorf experience. Medical insurance allowance, 403b plan with school matching contribution.

Teacher Responsibilities 

  • The Kindergarten Teacher should have a passion for Waldorf education, and the personal development and self-reflection to be able to work well in a collegial setting.
  • Care for the physical and emotional well-being of the children
  • Work with individual children who need guidance
  • Be aware of creative play of children, redirect and inspire them as necessary
  • Participate in domestic activities joyously
  • Care for the physical environment which includes maintaining a beautiful classroom that is clean and orderly

Parent Relationships 

  • The Lead Teacher is the point of contact for parental questions and concerns  
  • The Assistant Teacher is to maintain a professional relationship with parents and observe strict confidentiality regarding all school, child and family matters 
  • Assistant Teacher is to encourage and include direct communication with the lead teacher while sharing their own knowledge and experience.

Teacher/Assistant Relationships 

  •  The Lead Teacher will share the daily/weekly rhythms, preview activities, festivals and other special occasions, and instruct the Assistant in ways to support classroom activities.

Safe and Healthy Classroom Environment 

  • Ensure that all equipment and materials are appropriate and in good repair 
  • Ensure that children are in sight of a supervising adult at all times 
  • Model and uphold safe standards of behavior 
  • Ensure that cleaning compounds or other potentially harmful materials are kept out of reach of children 
  • Regularly clean classroom materials and equipment
  • Practice good health standards (i.e. Wash hands before food preparation, cover items stored in refrigerator, keep refrigerator no warmer than 40 degrees, sanitize dishes,) 
  • Prepare food planned by Lead Teacher 
  • Dress children appropriately for weather conditions

Additional Responsibilities 

  • Work collaboratively with EC colleagues to carry out parent education
  • Support vision of the Early Childhood Program 
  • Attend Early Childhood Section meetings

State Licensing Requirements 

  • Clear teaching credential preferred
  • ECE credits and/or Waldorf Training preferred

Education and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in education or related field
  • Current clear teaching credential preferred
  • Waldorf training preferred
  • Good communication 
  • Calm, gentle manner 
  • Works cooperatively with groups (and individuals)
  • Musical ability, especially singing 
  • Hold the rhythm and routine in the teacher’s absence with a paid or volunteer assistant 
  • Manage small groups of children independently
  • Must maintain confidentiality of children, families and school personnel


The Teacher position begins mid- August and is completed mid- June. Please refer to the current year school calendar for specific dates. 

Please note that we are currently hiring on an ongoing basis, so please apply throughout the year.

Weekly schedule during school year: 7:45am-1:15pm daily + possible aftercare hours (at the discretion of the assistant and the aftercare program)

Section meeting: 12:00 – 1:30 every Friday

Festivals and other events which require additional hours:

Lantern Walk – 2 hours

Spiral walk - 2 hours

Open Houses- 2 per year 2 hrs each


To apply for this position, send the documents listed below to:



  • Cover letter of introduction
  • Resume 
  • Biographical sketch
  • Three references

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