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[Priority Listing] Subject Teacher (part-time or full-time) 23-24 school year

Wildcat Canyon Community School

El Sobrante, CA, USA

Part time



May 12

Subject Teacher 2023-24

Subject Teacher, Grades 

Classification: Part-Time to Full-Time

Salary and Benefits: $63K base salary (full-time), additional compensation based on experience, full benefits, 80% benefits for dependents/20% spouse, 401K, mentoring with excellent elder teachers in the community.

We are seeking a part-time to full-time subject teacher for the 2023-24 school year. We are looking for a subject teacher to bring a passion they can teach to the children.  Do you have a passion for movement, world languages, social studies, biodynamic gardening, eurythmy, dance, music, form drawing or the arts?  This individual will be responsible for teaching age-appropriate subjects with creativity and imagination, all while striving for an equitable and inclusive classroom. A commitment to outdoor education is a must as it is a core component to our philosophy. With our roots in Waldorf education, we value the experience of those who are Waldorf trained, and are also looking forward to welcoming those with many other teaching experiences and talents.


  • We are looking for teachers with an avid interest in growing in their Waldorf teaching careers. Wildcat Canyon Community School is committed to upholding the tradition of Waldorf education through the wisdom and knowledge of Waldorf principles, in addition to practices in equity and inclusion.
  • Clearly communicate with students, colleagues, and parents
  • Commit to each student individually, throughout their time at WCCS
  • Create lively, interactive lesson plans
  • Continue on the path of self-development and be willing to adapt teaching methods to meet the needs of the students
  • Be willing to collaborate with colleagues and parents to ensure student progress
  • Have a strong sense of community and shared mission
  • Be enthusiastic about learning and commit to continuing professional development
  • Work collaboratively with other faculty and school administrators
  • Highly organized and self-starter
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Oversee the physical environment and notify the proper bodies of the school for maintenance and repairs.
  • Candidate must undergo a Live Scan (fingerprinting) and a background check prior to being hired.
  • A strong applicant will have a Bachelor’s degree, Waldorf teacher training, and prior teaching experience at a Waldorf school.

Professional Relationships and Responsibilities


  • Makes a commitment to communicate with colleagues on pedagogical or personal matters as needed.
  • Is willing to seek assistance if difficulties with colleagues arise.
  • Participates in the peer review process or in an outside review process as indicated by the school.
  • Is engaged in ongoing personal and professional development, including but not limited to workshops, conferences (both Waldorf and mainstream) and classroom visits.

School duties

  • Participation in weekly faculty meetings
  • Participation in school events such as Open Houses, Holiday Fairs, orientations, and

other outreach activities

  • Orientations and other marketing and outreach commitments as needed.
  • Participates in collective school work at a level expected by faculty.
  • Participates in faculty development work.

About Our School

Wildcat Canyon Community School is an independent, coeducational, Waldorf-inspired school serving early childhood through middle school grades where education includes healthy spiritual development and joy in learning becomes a stepping stone to meaningful change in the world. It is  located in the township of El Sobrante, California, minutes from Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. We are currently thriving in our second year as a parent/teacher cooperative, after 40 respected and hard working years as the East Bay Waldorf School. Many school community members have remained committed through this transition and are building a strong school program based on Waldorf curriculum that meets the needs of our current time. In this time of renewal, we are striving to build a community that reflects all voices and backgrounds. We are working diligently and are committed to supporting such a diverse student body and their families as well.

Wildcat Canyon Community School is committed to dynamic governance by the teachers and cooperative community leadership; an economic model that values people over money; and an ongoing effort to uplift social, racial and land justice in all domains of the school.  Our faculty are dedicated to regular ongoing social justice training within our Faculty meetings- where we delve deeper into interrupting Euro and white -centric curriculum to bring equitable teaching practices and anti-racist policies into the classroom and school life.  We ask that teachers be interested and on a path of exploring both anthroposophy and social justice. 

We have been given the opportunity to be stewards to a remarkable 11-acre hillside campus and an additional 80-acres which can provide endless opportunities for building community partnerships and developing programs. The desire to work with local community members and native indigenous groups lives within the school community. The campus and its adjacent wildlands function as an extension of the school’s classrooms, providing hands-on, immersive opportunities for students to spend time learning and playing in nature. Included within the campus lies a biodynamic garden and orchard where the children learn to cultivate fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Spacious grassy fields and hiking paths adorn the campus, providing space for the children to enjoy a variety of outdoor, physical activities.

We feel honored to cultivate a school resonant with the impulses of Waldorf education: a development of the “head, heart, and hands” in children, which offers them health-giving, living education in service of realizing and making their own unique contributions to the future.

How to Apply

Please send your resume, along with a letter of interest, highlighting your teaching experience, life experience, education, qualifications, and strengths. In addition, please include three references that we may contact.

Please submit all the above documentation to jobs@wildcatcanyon.org

Wildcat Canyon Community School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes applicants of any color, race, gender, sexual orientation, and all ethnic, national, cultural, social and religious backgrounds.

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