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Head of School

Juniper Ridge Community School

Grand Junction, CO, USA

Full time



May 15

Juniper Ridge Community School – Head of School

The Head of School is ultimately responsible for the overall operational management and vision of the school. This includes the development and delivery of the school’s program consistent with the school’s mission, philosophy and goals, overseeing the school’s business operations and financial health, and assuring adherence to policy and procedure. This position brings leadership and support to the pedagogical aspects of Juniper Ridge Community School. The Head of School makes proposals, and is part of the decision-making process with staff, and holds the right to all final decisions; as well as collaborates with the Assistant Head of School in making decisions about the day-to-day operations of the school, while adhering to the existing policies, procedures and protocols for addressing arising issues. The Head of School actively participates in the healthy functioning of the School in partnership with the Juniper Ridge Board of Stewards, marketing, business administration and various committees is also responsible for the recruiting and retention of new families and community outreach programs. 

Reporting Relationships 

The Head of School reports to the Board of Stewards and works closely with the Assistant Head of School, Finance Director, and staff.  The Head of School also works collaboratively with Mesa County School District 51 to ensure all requirements and provisions of the Charter by and between Mesa County School District No. 51 and Juniper Ridge Community School are being upheld.

Essential Responsibilities 

The Head of School leads and coordinates the administrative and educational activities of the school by executing the following functions either personally or through personnel. These essential responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Vision and Strategy 

  • Articulates, advocates and manifests the school’s vision and mission
  • Is ultimately responsible for the overall success of the school and provides the school community with educational leadership consistent with Waldorf philosophy and pedagogy; ensuring curriculum goals and programming are implemented

Finance and Operations 

  • Provides oversight for business operations 
  • Is a voting member of the Finance Committee
  • Develops budget and approves expenditures in collaboration with the Finance Director
  • Supervises the following positions:  Assistant Head of School, Human Resources, Marketing Director, Finance Director, Teaching Faculty, Enrollment/Volunteer Coordinator, Maintenance, Grounds, and Custodial
  • Oversees accountability for organizational policy and procedure for staff, teachers and the organization as a whole
  • Ensures the safety and well-being of all students and employees under the School’s jurisdiction; supervise the operation and maintenance of all school facilities

Staff Management 

  • Supervises and supports all staff 
  • Ensures performance reviews for all staff 
  • Oversees and acts on hiring and terminating personnel

Curriculum Management 

  • Ensures educational quality by overseeing and implementing decisions to move forward on any curriculum upgrades and/or changes based upon the Waldorf pedagogical method and Colorado Academic standards
  • Ensures adherence to student disciplinary policies and standards of conduct
  • Submits reports to external agencies as required


  • Represents the school to all of its constituents including staff, parents, students, and the broader community
  • Manages the demands and interests of the various constituencies of the school
  • Monitors and addresses emergent community school issues in a timely manner


  • Acts as an advisor to the Board including bringing to its attention such matters and data as are appropriate to keep the Board fully informed to meet its responsibilities. This includes annual budget, enrollment and fundraising recommendations, long-term planning needs, as well as strategies for institutional betterment
  • Sustains open communication with the Board’s leadership including attending Board meetings
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of the Board, support committees and task forces created by the Board
  • Supports the Board in its efforts to raise funds for the school
  • Other duties as assigned by the Board of Stewards that may be required to meet the ongoing needs of the school 


  • Ensures the school conducts its affairs in a manner congruent with its bylaws and state and federal statutes 
  • Represents the school in its relations with state and federal agencies and with local, state, regional, and national educational organizations and accrediting agencies


  • Significant experience in Waldorf education is preferred, ideally including classroom teaching experience
  • Master’s degree or an Administration/Principal license from an accredited educational institution 
  • Substantial knowledge of applicable federal and state regulations
  • Excellent analytical and abstract reasoning skills. Ability to think strategically and synthesize complex information
  • Ability to generate creative solutions and meet challenges with resourcefulness
  • Ability to balance priorities and meet hard deadlines
  • Ability to work independently in a multitasking environment - employing organizationally sound decision-making
  • Strong interpersonal, presentation and written communication skills facilitating work with all constituencies of the school community
  • Ability to manage difficult situations and maintain confidentiality
  • Completion of/ability to complete prior to start date the CDE READ Act Teacher Training Course

Salary and Benefits 

  • Competitive salary based upon experience
  • Benefit package included 85k-105k

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