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Grade 7/8 Main Lesson Teacher

Seraphim Homeschooling Pod

Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, Canada

Part time



May 24

We are looking to hire a Waldorf main lesson teacher three days a week for a homeschooling pod located on a beautiful 30 acre biodynamic homesteading farm in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia (“Canada's Ocean Playground”). The teacher would offer a main lesson and stay with the students through their morning recess and lunch break. The afternoons are for specialty classes that rotate with the seasons in 7-week blocks. A "main lesson” is a balanced school lesson that features movement, recall, story, artistic work, book work, etc.

The farm has plenty of space and lots of new projects always underway. Apple orchards, large gardens, a green house, chickens, goats, wool sheep, honey bees, chickens, guinea hens, angora rabbits, peacocks, ducks, etc. are some of the features of the property and project. We have also recently welcomed a horse for trail-riding/horsemanship skills, and there are plans for a milk cow (we currently have access to a local cow share for fresh milk). The area has one of the best farmers markets in Canada, with access to amazing biodynamic and organic food, peaceful forests, amazing beaches, etc. Blockhouse itself has many great resources, all within walking distance. Chicory Blue General Store, which has been lovingly restored from its previous general store life into an organic grocery and gardening supply store and restaurant/café, is only 2km away! Blockhouse also has an organic French bakery, a thriving antique market, local hardware store, as well as the South Shore Waldorf School.

We have a strong anthroposophical community, festival life and social opportunities. This area offers a very high standard of living for a naturalist and their family.

We are looking for a teacher to join us in teaching main lesson 3 mornings a week from 8:30-1pm. This is the minimum amount of work available; more hours can be arranged for the teacher to teach specialty classes of their interest and abilities in the afternoons, or at their motivation to offer to the community. Competitive wages will be compensated for. Accommodation could be provided if needed and if willing to be content with simple and humble living on the property, or to board with a family in a separate private accommodation. A Waldorf-trained teacher with experience would be best but we are willing to train the right candidate with similar life experience or an interest and willingness.

Curriculum and mentoring will be provided. There is a large supportive community that would be welcoming you, and helping to guide the teaching if that is needed. A willing interest to learn, bringing your own interests and strengths, and to be capable of holding a warm, loving and enlivened environment for the children is important.

The position will commence in September 2023, with training to be done beforehand (either remotely or in-person). Please apply by emailing about yourself and relevant teaching/life experience to seraphimhomeschool@gmail.com or spread the word to anyone you think would be a great candidate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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