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First Grade Teacher 2023-2024

Pasadena Waldorf School

Pasadena, CA, USA

Full time

$50-70k (annually)

First Grade


May 24

PWS is growing into the future with joy, enthusiasm, and a strong sense of purpose to be an accessible, equitable and anti-racist community. Our school is a wonderful, caring and supportive place to work because we understand that this is essential for the daily work with our students. We invite applicants for the position of First Grade class teacher for the 2023/24 school year. Our class teachers work together within a strong circle of specialty teachers and with faculty and staff colleagues in our vibrant preschool through 12th grade program.

We are most interested to find dynamic and engaging teachers who are excited to connect with our students, have a history of work with in a class setting, demonstrated strengths in classroom management and who are open to learning about the fundamentals of teaching in a Waldorf school. Prior experience with Waldorf education is a plus but not essential to become a strong candidate for our open positions. Please explore our Mission, Vision and Values and our page on Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, Accessibility and Belonging on our school's website to learn more about who we are and how we chose to operate in the world. Successful candidates will be able to speak to these thoughts in their application, cover letter and interviews. https://www.pasadenawaldorf.org/

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Teach Morning Lesson block subjects each school day in the subject areas for your grade as outlined in the PWS Curriculum guidelines and assigned by the Pedagogical Administrator or College of Teachers.
  •  Incorporate PWS curriculum goals and content within Morning Lesson work including new indications on history curriculum that are currently under consideration
  • Teach Grade track classes as assigned in subjects of math, English/LA, art, social/emotional content, or other courses within our scope and sequence.
  • Lead regular class counsel or ‘circles’ to work in an educationally appropriate way with the social/emotional health of individual students and the class group
  • Lead the class in one play or theater production each school year

Other Responsibilities

  • Participation in shared duties such as pick-up and drop-off, substitution, recess and meal coverage
  •  Participation in school festivals and events with the class, collaboration with other teachers to integrate students into the social life and culture of the whole school
  •  Events and trip planning including seeking approval, working within class budget and coordinating with/informing other teachers, chaperoning/leading class trips, including trips and events that are outside of the regularly assigned workday (unless they are organized by a subject teacher and are specific to a subject class)
  • Responsible for mid-year and end of year student reports, regular parent updates, planning and holding class parent meetings regularly, and participating in parent enrichment and education about child development, our curriculum, school culture and the 12 year arc of our PWS curriculum.
  • Responsible for communication with individual parents as needed and communicating to colleagues or the school relevant information about students or their families
  • Attendance at full faculty meetings, section meetings and other meetings specific to planning for the class when requested
  • Attendance at any mandatory professional development work arranged by the school or the pedagogical Administrator. Fulfillment of mandatory professional development and required paperwork as described in the Employee Handbook and assigned by school administration.
  • All other FT teacher responsibilities as described in the hire letter and Employee Handbook, and those implemented by school administration within the tenure of your hire agreement

Please send a letter of interest, three professional reference contacts (including those from prior teaching or practicum experience,) and resume to Pedagogical Administrator, Erin Şemin-Walsh at esemin@pasadenawaldorf.org

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