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Kindergarten in the Tropics


Popoyo, Nicaragua

Part time

$1-1.5k (monthly)

Kindergarten and Early Childhood


May 31

Commitment: Monday - Thursday, 7.30am to 12.30pm, contracted for one year with option to renew

ZANTLI is a bilingual, play and nature-based kindergarten inspired by Waldorf education and the science of attachment.  

We will soon be entering our third year and are looking for a teacher who will bring their own unique magic to our humble yet beautiful hilltop space, hidden amongst the trees in the small, off-the-beaten-track surf community of Popoyo, Nicaragua. 

Our daily rhythm flows with activities such as watercolors, baking, circle time, gardening and puppet shows between indoor and outdoor free play. Fridays are our adventure days, when the kids surf, swim or skate. 

We host a colorful hybrid of year-round cultural festivals and community events including Palo de Mayo, Solstices, and Dia de los Muertos.

Is this position for you?

We are seeking a loving, free-thinking educator with training and experience in nature-based, Waldorf or other alternative education, along with proficiency in both Spanish and English. 

Our teacher must possess initiative and grit — someone who is ready to embrace the creative process of bringing to life wholesome and heart-centered education.

This position is best suited for those who enjoy travel, have spent time in the tropics or other remote areas, and already possess a love and appreciation for life outside of first-world convenience and consumer-based models.

Come ready to join our small but adventurous team with an open, adaptive mind and passionate heart. 

A little bit about Nicaragua

We deeply love where we live. Raw, rustic and real, Nicaragua is truly a hidden gem. We are surrounded by stunning and diverse natural beauty, a laid-back atmosphere, and plenty of freedom to create a life in alignment with your own values.  

We are set amongst the remote villages and beaches of Popoyo, and while there is a very significant English-speaking ex-pat community here, we live hand in hand with locals and their beautiful Nicaraguan traditions. The rustic, natural beauty of this area has gifted us with the simple, happy truth of minimalist living — dirt roads, limited amenities, and a community connection unlike any other.  

The minimalist approach to life in Nicaragua means the community creates its dreams using what is available — and incredible resources abound. Creativity, passion, and determination are being called for to continue to build the bridge that forms new connections between cultures. This is our mission at Zantli.

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