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Waldorf Grades Teacher Seeking High Quality of Life

Private Steiner Pod

Dripping Springs, TX, USA

Full time

$50k+ (annually)



Jun 26

This is a very different type of teaching position, for a unique type of Waldorf teacher. 

We are a small private group of passionate families who share the common bond of complete dedication to holistically raising healthy children in accordance with the rhythms of Mother Nature, inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. We live in Dripping Springs, TX, located just outside of Austin, TX.  

We no longer accept the whims of institutional school systems (including Waldorf) negatively impacting our children through instability, lack of courage, and lack of clear thinking, especially in times like these. Several in the group relocated to Texas seeking a State with stronger medical freedom protections, and all in the group resonate with this sentiment.

We have decided to take our children’s education into our own hands, and we are seeking a qualified Waldorf teacher who is ready to do the same with his or her own. 

This is an opportunity to put your Waldorf training to work under less stress, for less hours, with a holistic compensation package, affording a more flexible and higher quality life, while inspiring the lives of some of the most joyful and brilliant young people you will ever meet.

We are seeking a candidate who:

  • Believes deeply in the core tenets of Rudolph Steiner's teaching philosophy.
  • Does not accept his teachings as stale doctrine, but is excited to fluidly adapt the Waldorf philosophy in age appropriate ways that are culturally relevant to now.
  • Loves connecting with, being with, guiding and teaching children.
  • Wants to help children become sovereign and free thinkers who can respectfully challenge authority.
  • Listens to the spoken and unspoken needs of the children, respects their views and perspectives while holding essential boundaries 
  • Models effective, heart-centered conflict management.
  • Believes in medical freedom, and basic privacy, for everyone.
  • Is flexible in their ability to meet all children where they are at, including a slight range of mixed ages if required.
  • Rejects all aspects of "wokeness" and CRT.
  • Enjoys a high degree of personal responsibility and accountability, and expects the same from others.
  • Is a clear and transparent communicator who can receive direct feedback from parents without taking it personally.
  • Is capable of deep introspection, takes care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, values a holistic lifestyle. 
  • Is single, couple, married, or is a parent/teacher with age appropriate student for this pod
  • Is a United States resident, however, we would be willing to consider applicants from outside the USA if they have reason to believe they can establish residency. We would be supportive of this process where possible. 

Applications will be viewed most favorably if the candidate is: 

  • A Waldorf trained grades teacher, with a rich history in varied settings
  • A talented artist
  • A confident singer/musician
  • Skilled at hand work
  • Multilingual
  • Comfortable in the garden, knowledgeable on Biodynamics
  • Open to staying with this pod for up to 5 years (with a group of rising 3rd graders until their completion of 8th grade).

Lifestyle, Perks, Schedule, and Compensation

  • You will earn a salary of $50,000/year, in the great State of Texas, which has no state income tax. We are open to starting sooner than Fall if schedules align.
  • We will provide comprehensive health care coverage.
  • You will be able to maintain a small class size.
  • Although being a private pod, we are aware of Rudolf Steiner’s guidance around the value educators find in being in community with one another, and we are very interested in supporting the candidate with collegial support from other teachers working in pods or in similar initiatives in other communities (locally or remotely).
  • With that in mind, you will have none of the taxing and stressful collegial interactions which generally manifest whilst working with committees, school boards, and administrations found in the standard school setting.
  • Instead you will work in direct collaboration with parents.
  • You will have strong parent support including parent volunteers, parent chaperones, parent supply donors, parent domain experts in a variety of fields, and parents coordinating a rich schedule of mentors, experts, and activities to structure a teaching schedule that is “light” compared to a standard school setting.
  • We desire to structure a unique calendar/schedule that allows for long extended breaks throughout the year to encourage travel as a mainstay of the children’s curriculum.
  • Teacher salary will continue throughout all extended breaks.
  • Based on mutual interest, one trip per year, teacher will travel with the group and hold school “on vacation” while exploring a new place or culture. Travel, room and board will be covered.   
  • School to be held on beautiful, rural property owned by a member of the pod, with dedicated space for a permanent school room. 
  • Including onsite garden, onsite livestock, great access to Nature, serene surroundings.
  • As available, fresh produce or meat from onsite production to be gifted to teacher.
  • We can arrange for outside mentorship or consultation from experienced Waldorf elders if support is desired.

Are you ready to put your gifts to work in a way that works for your life?

If so, please email steinerpod@proton.me with your resume and references. Resumes will not be accepted without references. Upon review we will reach out to schedule an initial interview if there is an alignment. 

During and after the interview we will happily share more about our group, and for now, we will say thank you in advance for the consideration, we look forward to meeting you.  


Passionate Parents 

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